Do you feel powerless?

Hopeless? Anxious? Sad? Angry that nothing turns out the way you want? Frustrated about life?

Insecure about the future? Do you feel stuck and you don't know where you're heading?

Do you feel like a victim in your life? A prisoner ?

Do you feel stressed and drained in your daily life?

Do you think you're not good enough,no matter what you do? Do you think you have nothing to say? Nothing to give? You feel like you have to please others to be accepted,appreciated and loved?

You think you are "weird" or "different"?

Do you desire a life in happiness,ease,love and abundance?

Do you want to be successful in your work?

Do you dream about travelling and exploring the world?

Do you wanna be self-employed but you don't know how to start?

Do you have 1000 dreams but you don't know where to start?

Do you have big visions but you hold yourself back because you think they are impossible to reach?



What if you can see yourself in another light?

I believe everything happens for a reason. You are on this page because there’s a part of you who craves more from life. Who is not satisfied with the circumstances. Who knows: Life has so much more to offer.

Everything is possible.If you start DOING instead of WAITING.

There was a point in our lives where we stopped dreaming and we were believing all this bullshit self-talk from our mind. We believed it was true.

When did you stop dreaming? And when did you start believing your mind instead of your heart?

I believe there is a superhero in each one of us. She just needs to transform herself like a caterpillar that morphs into a butterfly. Even if you don’t know how to unfold your superhero, she is there.

And that's where I come in.

My Life Coaching offer for you

As a Life Coach, I accompany you on your way to your personal development. You and me are working together as a team. That means we are looking at every aspect of your life and we will decide together which topic you want to put your focus on .That varies from person to person and depends on the challenges you are facing. For example we can work on these topics:

  • Relationship  

  • Personal Growth / Self-love

  • Femininity

At first we will define your goals,create a strong vision and a step by step actionpIan for you. We will have a look at your limited beliefs and overcome them with the help of tools,techniques and mindset shifting.I will teach you these powerful tools to reconnect with yourself, your true essence, which will enable you to create your dream life and gain back your power. Your superhero power. I will support you on your way and give you the space to open yourself up to limitless possibilities so you will become the creator of your own life. Sometimes we just need someone who is guiding us and showing us the light at the end of the tunnel. 

At the end of the coaching, you will powerfully go out into the world and shine your light because you come to realize that everything you need is already within you. All the answers are within you.

If you are an Action-taker,ready to change your life and willing to do the work,request your Coaching Package by sending me a personal message now and I will send you a questionnaire,so we will figure out if we are the right fit. I am coaching in German and in English. 

Through my Yoga Teacher training, as well as various online courses such as the Rise Up & Shine University by Laura Seiler and the Superhuman & Unkarma Course by Bahar Yilmaz, seminars I have attended and a Life Coach Certification Course from New Skills Academy, which I am doing at the moment, I have gained a repertoire of experience in the field of personal development. Furthermore I completed Reiki Level 1 and a Theta Healing Basic DNA, which I will combine in my Coaching Sessions to hold the optimal energetic space for you.  

I am looking forward to support you on your way!

Spread your wings and fly,

Renate Sophia Mueller